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pyrite meanings

Pyrite Healing Properties, Pyrite Crystal Meaning

Chakras: root, solar plexus-3, all It has traditionally been considered a symbol of money and good fortune. It is useful for increasing mental capacity, clearing up fuzzy thoughts, and enhancing logic, practicality and memory. It is a great balancing stone as it carries with it the energies of both fire and earth. It boosts your

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large healing quartz crystal heart flame shape

Quartz Healing Gemstone Properties

For most gemstone lovers, the mineral quartz is synonyms with gemstone. Known as the “universal stone”, quartz healing gemstone occurs in numerous varieties and colors, perhaps more than any other mineral. The name quartz is derived from the Greek word “krustallos” which means ice. It was initially believed that quartz was made up of divine

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Amethyst Healing Gemstone heart

Healing Properties of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst healing gemstone is a variety of quartz with chemical composition SiO2. It is essentially purple quartz, and comes in various shades of this color like mauve, lilac etc. It owes its beauty to its crystal shape, color, sparkling purple luster, and inclusions. It is available in abundance all over the world. Its chief sources

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