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Healing Properties of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst healing gemstone is a variety of quartz with chemical composition SiO2. It is essentially purple quartz, and comes in various shades of this color like mauve, lilac etc. It owes its beauty to its crystal shape, color, sparkling purple luster, and inclusions. It is available in abundance all over the world. Its chief sources in the world are Mexico, Brazil, USA, Canada, Russia, Germany, and Italy. It occurs as hexagonal crystals in the form of tall prismatic structures or short stubby stones. In the world of gemstones, it is valued as a stone of spirituality and sobriety. It fosters healing, nobility, spiritual consciousness, and selflessness. It is also known as a stone of transformation, as it transforms the bearer to discover his best self.

The amethyst healing gemstone gets its name from the Greek word “amethusos” which means “without drunkenness”. The stone is believed to counteract the effect of poison, save one from the harmful side effects of alcohol, and restore soberness.  In ancient Greece, amateur drinkers used to wear it as a protection against getting over-drunk and recover from hangover. Broadly speaking, it helps overcome all kinds of addictions and indulgences like food, sex, drugs, tobacco, and other compulsive behavioral patterns.

Amethyst has a rich folk and mythological history where it was used as a protection stone. Ancient Egypt’s wore the stone to overcome fear, self deception, guilt, and to protect them from evil witchcraft.  According to a Greek folklore, Goddess Diana envied a nymph lady because she was loved by Bacchus, the god of wine. Out of jealousy, she turned the nymph lady into a stone. Bacchus then poured wine over the nymph lady’s statue, giving it its purple color. Yet another historical connotation is derived from the Old Testament. According to it, The Jewish high priest Aaron wore an amethyst on his breast plate which induced in him visions and revelations.

It is the accepted birthstone for the month of February, and a perfect gemstone to symbolize the Age of Aquarius. Known as “Bishop’s stone” in the religious realm, it embodies humility, piety, spiritual wisdom and sincerity. For all its spiritual richness, it is the official ornament of priests of Catholic church and worn by bishops even in the present times. It is a wonderful meditation stone and brings contentment and inner peace. It is believed to turn a bad day into a happy one by raising lower energy vibrations to higher energy vibrations.

Apart from its spiritual magnificence, it is also a potent physical healing aid. It cleans the body of toxic substances. It cures diseases of heart, teeth, skin, and the nervous system. It cures pimples and rough skin. It also treats hearing disorders, and problems related to skeletal disorders, for example to correct a slouching posture.  The stone also helps assuage arthritis pain and headaches. It is an effective remedy for insomnia and nightmares. Placing an amethyst under the pillow before going to sleep helps induce pleasant dreams, and lets one awake fresh and energized. It is for this mystical potential that it is increasingly being used to make herbal dream pillows.

The color purple has been, for ages, the color of riches and royalty. Had it been not for its abundant availability, it would have been one of the most expensive stones due to its super qualities. Nevertheless, it commands huge respect among gemstone connoisseurs even today.  It is fashioned into various attractive shapes and used to make rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Amethyst beads are strung in various lengths to make necklaces, while clusters of this stone are used to make brooches. These beads may or may not be polished depending on the overall color scheme of the ornament. It is also combined with pearls, gold, and other colored stones to further enhance the attraction and efficacy of the piece.  It is also available as stone cluster, amethyst egg, amethyst stalactite slice, amethyst sphere, amethyst pyramids, and amethyst window quartz.


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