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These beautiful contemporary designed ring is made from sterling silver and faceted blue topazes. The blue of the topaz is reminiscent of the blues in the sea and the sky, uniting us with serenity and beauty of nature around us.

Topaz Healing Gemstone Properties
Topaz healing gemstone, commonly known as the stone of love and success, promotes confidence and creativity. It helps you get in touch with the real you and acknowledge your true worth. It works as a catalyst and helps dispel negative energy from you, while attracting the positive. It helps to build your faith in the spiritual, while preparing you for the path to Nirvana or the divine enlightenment. Silver, on the other hand, complements topaz. It adds to the characteristics of the Topaz gemstone and acts as an additional conductor of energy. Let the spiritual vibrations in Topaz create a soothing, stabilizing and clearing effect in your body, mind and soul. Wear this with any shades of blues or greens or let it stand out with white.
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