Product Description

Men Silver Cufflinks offers Protection, Confidence, Stability with Black Onyx.
Our sterling silver men jewelry designed for sophisticated modern men, who involves in the busy daily life with convenience in mind. In addition to it design features it offers power of crystals for Love, Protection, Confidence, Stability, Abundance, Satisfaction, Clarity and Harmony in the family.

Each piece of men jewelry designed around different natural healing crystal with combination of magic symbols to magnify the healing quality of crystals and to raise vibration frequencies of the wearer.

Our Spiritual jewelry designed by Spiritual healer and healing crystals practitioner, keeping in mind the specific healing property of the gemstone she is designing the jewelry with.

Chakra : 1st Chakra
Healing Gemstone: Black Onyx in Men Silver Cufflinks
Width: 1.2 cm
Height: 2.0 cm
Thickness: 0.6 cm