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Open yourself to Grace with the help of this sterling silver Chakra pendant. The pendant is in the shape of a spiral, and has semi precious stones corresponding with chakra colors. Each stone is a different color and represents the different chakras. The pendant is simple, yet looks beautiful studded in sterling silver. Wear it with your yoga attire or simply with any casual outfit.
It is said that beyond spiritual enlightenment, divine opening up to grace brings heaven on to earth. With the power of divinity, you experience positive and practical results in your everyday life. The chakras work as divine forces, extracting the positive energy from around you, and transmitting it to your physical being. It metamorphosis you in to a balanced and enlightened being, making you a complete individual. The energy from the chakras, enhanced through the pendant, helps you to rise beyond suffering and struggle, rather help deal with it with equanimity. It helps you rise to a higher and better spiritual enlightenment. Awaken yourself and your senses with the help of the pendant. Let the feelings of bliss and happiness surround you. Wear it and feel one with Divinity!


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