Product Description

Bora Handcrafted Sterling Silver Bracelet with Rubies and Emeralds. This hand carved sterling silver, gold and black rhodium plated cuff bracelet with natural ruby and emeralds is truly a designers item that will pass on through generations to come. The bracelet is solid on one side with stones set like stars in a sky. The other part of the bracelet is carved and almost seems fluid like that of water flowing.

Handcrafted 925 Oxidized Sterling Silver with Gold plated detailing

Emeralds and Rubies are set on a gorgeous Mediterranean inspired design
Made in Turkey

Bora Jewelry of Brooklyn began with two brothers’ visions in a small, makeshift New York studio. Today, the Bora collection showcases a variety of handcrafted rings, pendants, earrings, and cuffs. The designs, influenced by Mediterranean culture, have their roots in centuries old tradition. Part of their appeal comes from the sense that one is bringing a beautiful history to new life by wearing a piece of jewelry. A masterful balance of strength and delicacy, the collection is handcrafted out of robust semi-precious and precious stones set in oxidized sterling silver, accented with bronze or gold.

The gold is enhanced by emerald and rubies. Emerald is known as the stone for healing that bring prosperity and riches into your life, while Ruby stands for fire and passion. Emerald brings about happiness and harmony in relationships, while helping to solve the toughest of problems in relationships, and binding partners for ages to come. On the other hand, the most intense of stones, Ruby, brings light into the dark places of life, inspires and intensifies awareness of your own path. Instead of wallowing in self pity, it teaches you to love yourself, as you were crafted with love. Ruby and Emerald are both catalysts of change, meant to transform you into the person you want to be. In addition to empowering you, this cuff bracelet also adds to your style statement. Contemporary and smart, it surely attracts attention!