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pyrite meanings

Pyrite Healing Properties, Pyrite Crystal Meaning

Chakras: root, solar plexus-3, all
It has traditionally been considered a symbol of money and good fortune. It is useful for increasing mental capacity, clearing up fuzzy thoughts, and enhancing logic, practicality and memory.
It is a great balancing stone as it carries with it the energies of both fire and earth. It boosts your self confidence and helps you take a stand in situations of doubt, uncertainty and indecisiveness. It helps overcome shyness and assert oneself assertively, yet without being overly dominant or bully. The stone is an excellent energizing tool and can charge an entire surrounding with its energy. It is often placed at places of work, communication, and meeting. It stimulates creative thinking, fresh ideas, and the energy and vision to transform those ideas into physical reality.
Carrying pyrite healing gemstone in one’s pocket helps protect from physical dangers, help shield one s aura from negative or disharmonious influences during the day. Sleeping with this stone can enhance relaxation and can allow for the restoration of the body’s magnetic and auric fields during the night. Pyrite is a good stone to use as a shield
against electromagnetic liters emitted by computers and other electronics.
Healer’s Gold can be used on any chakra. One of the most beneficial layouts would include seven of these stones, one at each chakra, along with whatever other stones arc indicated. ‘Ihe strong positive energies of Healer s Gold will work in synergy with the other stones, as well as with Reiki or other healing modalities. It draws high-frequency vibrations into the body and assists one in grounding these frequencies into the Earth plane, for the manifestation of one’s desires. When placed on the solar plexus or held in the hand, it balances masculine and sexual energies. It strengthens confidence in masculinity but may be too powerful for “macho” men, initiating aggression. It is very fast-acting and is particularly helpful for netting to the root of karmic and emotional disease.

It treats physical burnout and helps overcome fatigue, laziness and inertia. It nourishes blood with rich oxygen supply, and boosts the circulatory system. It helps detoxification of the system when kept on the kidneys. It cures indigestion, blood disorders and depression. It is beneficial for lungs and alleviates respiratory disorders like bronchitis and asthma.

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