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Quartz Healing Gemstone Properties

For most gemstone lovers, the mineral quartz is synonyms with gemstone. Known as the “universal stone”, quartz healing gemstone occurs in numerous varieties and colors, perhaps more than any other mineral. The name quartz is derived from the Greek word “krustallos” which means ice. It was initially believed that quartz was made up of divine ice crystals. However, later it was discovered to be formed as a result of the cooling and solidification process of silica rich molten rock. It is also formed in pegmatites during and following pneumatolytic processes. It is the most abundantly occurring mineral in the earth’s crust and can be found all over the world.

Quartz healing gemstone encompasses a wide range of crystals, some of which are often confused to be separate gemstones. However, they are the different varieties of the basic mineral quartz with the chemical composition SiO2.  Some of the popular varieties of quartz are amethyst, aventurine, agate, aqua aura, jasper, onyx, ametrine, chalcedony, bloodstone, citrine, rose quartz, smoky quartz, spirit quartz, snow quartz, Rutilated quartz, carnelian, and milky quartz. All the diverse varieties have their own different colors, patterns, crystal structure, and metaphysical properties. The difference is because of the other minerals present inside the host quartz crystal, and different temperatures and conditions during their formation.

Along with being the primary stone from which plenty of other gemstones spawn, quartz is the powerhouse of energy and healing potential. It works on all aspects of our being, be it financial, social, professional, emotional, physical, psychological, spiritual or mental. Each different variety of quartz is specifically endowed with different powers to help wearers pursue their dreams and achieve happiness. The quartz crystal absorbs, enhances and transmits universal energy. It has the power to raise the energy vibrations to their highest level, and use this energy for focusing, balancing, and enriching our own capabilities.

It is an extremely protective stone which safeguards the wearer against all negative vibrations which surround us in the present hatred and money driven society. The stone propels us into the spiritual realms and helps achieve divine contentment and fulfillment, and at the same time stay grounded and focused on our everyday tasks and excel in the physical world. It has been used since times immemorial to predict the future, access ancient wisdom, astral travel, dream recall, meditation, dream work, and manifestation.

Its unique helical spiral crystalline form makes it a multifarious, versatile, and an extremely powerful healing agent. It is a great diagnostic tool which helps scan the body for exact location of trouble. It can strengthen all the body systems like nervous system, circulatory system and immune system. It aids repair and regeneration of worn out tissues and organs. Different varieties of quartz are effective for different disorders like arthritis, diabetes, bone injuries, depression, intestinal complications, bone injuries, and chronic fatigue.  The stone boosts sexual stamina, fertility, builds endurance against common infections and imparts vigor to the whole body.  Traditionally, it has been associated with crown chakra, but it can align and strengthen the entire chakra system.

Quartz healing gemstone is widely used to make gemstone jewelry. Its Moh’s hardness of 7 makes it very suitable for making durable everyday ornaments. Besides, its attractive range of colors, inclusions, and radiant luster of its crystals make it all the more fascinating as a jewelry stone. Quartz crystals are handcrafted to create beautiful necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, eggs, spheres, wands, and decoration pieces.  Depending on the color of the stone, it may be set in silver, gold or copper to complement its natural color. Quartz’s brilliant sparkle, clarity, fancy cuts and artistic design’s make it a gemstone connoisseur’s dream stone.

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